New Things, New Ideas, New Styles, New Methods and New Approaches – these are the things that usually interest us. But for a few, the older a thing or an idea is, the more interesting it gets.

Moby DickVintage, as some call it. Vintage is tantamount to class and timelessness. Vintage never wears out. Vintage never runs out of date.


My husband’s dad used to collect vintage movie tapes and comics way back post World War II. Little did he know that these collections would be valued beyond he could ever imagine.

Ten CommandmentsWell, if we come to think of it, all things have intrinsic value. And for these collections, age (length of time since these were collected) and value in our present age (some have been turned into movies and revised literary and artistic forms) are obvious factors to consider.

“Old” becomes of worth when that “old” aged gracefully in time and space, creating a higher quality and a better appreciation of life.


Joan of ArcIf I were to describe myself, I’m more like an “old soul” in a modern world.  Though I get exhilarated by new things, I cannot compare the subtle excitement I feel whenever I see, smell, taste, hear, touch and feel old stuffs with stories alongside them.

Homer's IliadI, with awe, appreciate old houses tainted with fingermarks and footsteps of a once young family. Smelling and tasting traditionally cooked dishes are truly a favorite. Sitting beside old folks who share their war stories and listening to each word and emotion are what I consider priceless moments that could never be replaced by mere exchanges of ideas and words in the modern social media world.

Oh, how I want to relive my childhood dream of living in a still beautiful old house, with rustic pieces of furniture and countless nuggets of stories from then ‘til now.







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