Filipinos are one of the best craftsmen in the world.

Museum - PotsPot-making is one type of craft that Filipinos were noted for.  In the olden times, native Filipinos used ceramic jars to hold their deceased loved ones.

Commonly, pots were also used hundreds of years ago as utensils – serving as their plates and cups.

During Spanish times, local Filipinos also used weaving as part of their way of life.

They used fibers from pineapple, cotton and abaca to weave various stuffs like textiles, clothes, hats and, baskets and rugs.

Today, Filipinos from some parts of the country continue the tradition of pot-making, weaving, wood-carving and the like.

Filipinismo is pleased to share with you some crafts that are part of our product-line. These are produced in Laguna.

Crafts-Chest bench

Mahogany Chest Bench – P2,200 (Sample)

Chair wooden

Mahogany Stool – Php 2,000 (Sample)


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