Typical multi-purpose bayong

Long before eco-bags became popular, Filipinos use “bayong” or bags made from renewable or natural resources just like abaca or pandan.

We see our ancestors use bayong whenever they go to the market to buy wet and dry goods.

For decades, the bayong became part of the Filipino family’s way of life.

Eventually, plastic bags dominated the market, though its non-biodegradability has caused global warming concerns later on.

So today, we see the proliferation of eco-bags and even the slow but sure return of bayong in some parts of the country.

Bags these days come in various shapes and sizes.

Below are locally-made lady bags (leatherette) that come at very reasonable prices… Bilib sa Pinoy!

Post Script: By the way, all BAGS are inclusive of shipping cost in Metro Manila only till December 31, 2013.

Bag Pink

Ladies Pink Bag (reversible) – Php 500

Blue bag 1

Lady Blue leatherette Bag – Php 550 only

Combo red bags

Two-in-one Lady Bag (reversible) – for just P550

Bags combo pink 1

Another two-in-one lady Bag (Reversible) – also for just P550


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