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Brighter New Year For Filipinos

As the Christmas rush became more evident the last few days leading to the 25th of December, Filipinismo is happy to learn from recent news that several business establishments are starting to open up in Tacloban City, one of the hardest hit areas last November. Areas like Tacloban wouldn’t have bounced back in a matter […]

All-Season Genuine Leather Gift Items

We’ve said in our previous blog that the longest Christmas celebration is found nowhere else in the world but the Philippines. In fact, by this time, Pinoys, particularly in key cities are already celebrating Christmas parties left and right, not counting the family reunions and batch reunions during the Holiday season. Usually, gift-giving is equated […]

Pinoy Christmas, Unique In Many Ways

As the countdown for Christmas continues, Filipinos do offer a lot of different things as far as celebrating the Holiday season is concerned. Of course, a big part of the Christmas celebration annually among Filipinos is the gift-giving. When we were young, we look forward to exchange gifts, gifts coming from our ninong and ninang […]

Learning From Andres Bonifacio

On Saturday (November 30), the Philippines will observe the 150th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, considered as the “Father of Philippine Revolution”. Bonifacio is just one of the many heroes the Philippines has ever produced. We grew up studying his life.   And one of the many attributes of the Katipunan’s “Supremo” was his bravery. […]

Entrepreneurial-Thinking Filipinos

I was talking to an upstart business woman who is now in her mid-40s just a few hours ago. And honestly, it was really interesting listening to her and learning from her wealth of knowledge, being a long-time mall employee in a leasing department before. As I left her small store where she sells leather […]

Divisoria – The Good, The Bad And What Filipinos Can Do

Divisoria. An eye sore to those who hate to be in a chaotic traffic, piles of garbage here and there, home to undisciplined and abusive pedicab drivers and street vendors that come by the dozens. We lived there for two years – inhaled the smog of Divisoria daily, Manila’s so-called “pride”, or for some, they […]

Heroes Everywhere Amidst Chaos

We normally think of heroes as probably someone who has supernatural powers – can fly, is faster than a bullet train, has X-ray vision ala Superman or simply someone who has super human strength. But in the real world, one doesn’t really have to possess any kind of supernatural powers in order to become a […]