Calling Card Holder

In our fast-paced, busy world, oftentimes, when special occasions like Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary, among others arrive, we have the tendency to just buy what is the next available item in the mall or the shop.

For sure, we all want to give the best gift to our friends, spouse or special someone.

That is why Filipinismo is giving you an option online so you can freely choose a gift item at the comfort of your home and with just one click.

So if you are looking for products that are of superior quality, durability and yet, on an affordable price, you don’t actually need to settle for something that might  be out of your budget.

Below are samples of calling card holders in two classic designs.

CC-solo white

Shiny soft calling card holder – Php 300

CC-Solo white w: box

Shiny soft calling card holder with box


Assorted Calling card holders

CC-Assorted 2

Samples of assorted “Edge” calling card holders

DISCLAIMER: Products are MADE-TO-ORDER to ensure quality and give clients the freedom to choose colours from the leather choices.

FILIPINISMO made these items for a particular client, thus the logo you see is just for sample purposes only.

For inquiries, you may get in touch with Filipinismo through 0908-8878373.

Bilib sa Pinoy!


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