Accessories come in various shapes, forms and sizes these days.

But don’t you know that hundreds of years ago, accessories were part of a Filipina’s daily life?

While Filipinas are one of the most beautiful beings created by God, accessories such as necklace, earrings, bangles and belts accentuate their beauty further.

Today, accessories continue to flood the market. Imported ones from Europe, America and China litter the numerous boutiques in the country.

Though I should say, Filipinos are one of the best as well as far as manufacturing durable and high-quality accessories are concerned.

Below are some of the accessories that Filipinismo offers to valued clients –


Belt brown streak white

Genuine Leather Belt Brown with white streak – Php 450

Belt red

Red Leatherette Kids And Adult Belt – Length (41 inches) – Php 120

Belt pink

Pink Leatherette Kids Belt – Length (34 inches) – Php 110

Belt brown-black

Black Ladies Genuine Leather with red inner leather – Length (35 inches) – Php 450

Belt brown streak white

Ladies Genuine Leather Belt with white thread accent – Php 450 (ALSO AVAILABLE IN NATURAL BROWN COLOR)


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