All-Season Genuine Leather Gift Items

We’ve said in our previous blog that the longest Christmas celebration is found nowhere else in the world but the Philippines.

In fact, by this time, Pinoys, particularly in key cities are already celebrating Christmas parties left and right, not counting the family reunions and batch reunions during the Holiday season.

Usually, gift-giving is equated on the Holiday season only.

But we believe the season of gift-giving shouldn’t end in Christmas or just through the start of the New Year.

Instead, gift-giving should be a lifestyle.

As such, Filipinismo is excited to offer everyone an array of excellently-made genuine leather materials, which are perfect for all-occasion gift-giving.

For sure, you have family members, close friends, classmates or even officemates who celebrate their birthdays. Below are photos of excellently-made genuine leather materials.

All leather items are made to order …


Calling card holder – Genuine Leather – Pinoy made — Php 225





Elegant wine holder – Filipino-made, genuine leather – a perfect gift for all occasions for just Php 999.95

Checkbook Holder - Pink open

Checkbook Holder - Beige

Check book holder – Genuine leather and 100 percent Filipino-made – Php 625

coin purse brown w: box

Coin Purse - blue w: box

Rectangular Coin Purse – Genuine leather, Pinoy-made – Php 625 only


Calling card holder – Genuine leather, Pinoy-made – Php 275 only

CC-Assorted 2


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