Pinoy Christmas, Unique In Many Ways

As the countdown for Christmas continues, Filipinos do offer a lot of different things as far as celebrating the Holiday season is concerned.

Of course, a big part of the Christmas celebration annually among Filipinos is the gift-giving.

When we were young, we look forward to exchange gifts, gifts coming from our ninong and ninang as well as countless number of Christmas parties, too.

Food was overflowing, music was loud as we get serenaded by the all-time best-selling Filipino Christmas songs like Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Himig ng Pasko and Noche Buena as well as some of the popular songs from the West like Silver Bells, White Christmas, Jing Bells, and so many more.

15562_217290037018_4067188_nThe Philippines boasts of celebrating the “longest” Christmas season in the world, beginning in the “Ber” month, September, where some business establishments begin to play Christmas songs, decorate their shops with Christmas trees and the colors red, green and gold that usually represent the Season.

Christmas is sure a celebration of various traditions, like the Simbang Gabi, Noche Buena and the visitation of godchildren to their godparents for the “pamasko” (usually in monetary form).

But hopefully, amid all the festivities of Pinoy Christmas, may we always take to heart the reason why there is such a season every year like Christmas.

For beyond the gift-giving, toys we give to kids, parties left and right, family reunions, among others – Christmas is first of all, a reminder that God the Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth to bring peace to all men.

It’s that kind of peace that only Jesus can give – uninterrupted amidst all the confusion and chaos life has to offer; a perfect peace that enables you to come to God without any hindrance or shame, knowing that Christ came to save mankind.

Bilib sa Pinoy! Maligayang Pasko!



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