Learning From Andres Bonifacio

On Saturday (November 30), the Philippines will observe the 150th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, considered as the “Father of Philippine Revolution”.

Bonifacio is just one of the many heroes the Philippines has ever produced.

We grew up studying his life.   And one of the many attributes of the Katipunan’s “Supremo” was his bravery.

Bravery was a rare attribute during his time, especially since Spain has the Filipinos on her grip for more than 300 years.

Every facet of society contained Spain’s influence, from religion, arts, culture, commerce, among others.

Yet, what sparked Bonifacio’s zeal was his desire for Philippine independence from Spanish colonial rule, given the abuses the Filipinos had been experiencing during for a long time.

Bonifacio’s fight for Philippine independence along with the rest of the Katipuneros did not go to waste because the freedom we enjoy today is the fruit of their blood, sweat, tears and through the sacrifice of their very lives.

Today, majority of Filipinos look at our government leaders as either corrupt or incompetent. But despite their shortcomings, we can imitate Andres Bonifacio – for like him, he was able to go beyond the confines of his own personal concerns, choosing instead to fight for a higher cause in the hope of seeing our nation gain her independence.

Bilib sa Pinoy!


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