Entrepreneurial-Thinking Filipinos

I was talking to an upstart business woman who is now in her mid-40s just a few hours ago. And honestly, it was really interesting listening to her and learning from her wealth of knowledge, being a long-time mall employee in a leasing department before.

As I left her small store where she sells leather items, I’m left to ponder on the idea that Filipinos like me should not just be limited to the employee-mentality.

For while the Sys, the Ayalas, the Gokongweis, the Cojuangcos, the Tans and the Tys dominate the business landscape and pretty much influence the economy of the country, I’m convinced that full-blooded Filipinos can be at par with these powerful clans if only they believe that they are not just cut out to be an employee for life.

This admirable woman is actually a researcher by profession, being a population studies researcher. And while she worked at this popular mall for a long period of time, deep in her heart, she knew that she would one day put up her own business not just for her own family, but to help others as well.

What she had in mind was more than personal success. She believes that her business would not just mean income for her family, but also providing jobs and eventually teach her employees or even people in the marginalized sector  do business in the future.

It’s just amazing to see how a woman in her late 40s could still continue pursuing her dream of owning and running a business with her husband, a business that is geared towards Filipino-made products.

I believe Filipinos can be like this woman.

You may be working and receiving minimum wage today. Perhaps, you’re just starting your career, or you might still be looking for a job and wonders if you could ever make it big in the corporate world.

But hopefully, you would realise you don’t just have to be an employee for life. You can put up your own business in the future…you can be the owner of a thriving business someday, a business that not just gives you decent living, but more so, allows you to help in nation-building and inspiring the next generation as well.

Bilib sa Pinoy!


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