Heroes Everywhere Amidst Chaos

We normally think of heroes as probably someone who has supernatural powers – can fly, is faster than a bullet train, has X-ray vision ala Superman or simply someone who has super human strength.

But in the real world, one doesn’t really have to possess any kind of supernatural powers in order to become a hero.

Since there really is no such thing in the real world as “supernatural powers”, though there are people who possess strength above the average person, yet, heroes can be found everywhere.

As the countdown on the death toll of super typhoon Yolanda continues to increase by each passing day, we see heroes all around us.


Photo Source: http://www.gov.ph

Heroes who are dressed in ordinary clothes – people who have day jobs, running their own business, perhaps, people who struggle to make both ends meet, yet, after hearing the sound bytes and video of people crying out for help after losing their loved ones, livelihood and house, they started to do something out of their usual routine.

There are those who would take a leave of absence from work just to be able to volunteer on relief operations by numerous NGOs (non-government organizations) or those government-sponsored.

Then, there are people who use their influence in the social network, retweeting and sharing various relief operations information order to gather the much-needed workforce, donations and other means to help the thousands of victims of typhoon Yolanda.


You don’t even have to look for Superman, Thor, Spiderman or Iron Man. Just look around you – that person seating beside you, that could be a hero, someone who goes out of his ordinary, seemingly boring routine to be able to help out in making someone’s life in Tacloban, Ormos, Coron, etc. comfortable in some way.

In reality, every Juan dela Cruz, every Filipino can be a hero.

Bilib sa Pinoy!




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  1. Salute to you as well kababayan!

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