Unity Amidst Typhoon Yolanda’s Fury


Typhoon Yolanda smashed its way to parts of Leyte, uprooting trees and bending several more in some areas

As we monitor the news updates on Typhoon Yolanda’s destructive force in Visayas, particularly some parts of Leyte, Tacloban City and Aklan, we can’t help but pause for a while and pray continually for our “kababayans” there.

Unity has been a recurring theme in affected parts of Visayas as people did not even bother to wait for the Philippine Coast Guard to retrieve the bodies of fatalities at the height of the storm surge in coastal towns in Leyte.

As you read this post, you may be living far from Visayas and are enjoying the comforts of your home, but at this point, we can take an active role in helping the typhoon victims in various ways.

In these times, relief goods, particularly the basic needs like bottled water, canned goods, rice and clothes are items we can donate this early so that our government’s coordinating agencies and even NGOs like Operation Blessing can start sending them to affected areas in Visayas.

Below are sites of NGOs we can connect with as we help the typhoon victims:

Philippine Red Crosshttp://www.redcross.org.ph/donatenow

Operation Blessing – via its Twitter account: https://twitter.com/obphil

— Message from Operation Blessing: “We are now accepting gifts-in-kind and monetary gift for those who will be affected by #YolandaPH. Call us at 0922-803-6922 / 0917-581-2630″

Tulung-tulung Tayo mga Pinoy!

Bilib sa Pinoy!


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