Escolta’s Place In History

When we talk of amusement center, Escolta was “the place to be” during the American Occupation, bustling with life due to the numerous businesses that spiralled within this small piece of land in the old city of Manila.

Shops and boutiques used to dominate the street of Escolta in Binondo, Manila, selling imported goods from nearby countries.

Escolta also housed some of the city’s tallest buildings around 70 years ago including the Manila Stock Exchange.

I could imagine the long stretch of Escolta filled with colorful lights, sounds and people dressed up in fine clothes to eat out or just enjoy.

But today, Escolta is no longer what it used to be.

The once sprawling buildings that dominated the city of Manila, has been dwarfed by skyscrapers all around.

Calesas that used to ply its usual route are reduced to a handlful, replaced  by pedicabs.

What’s more, the growth of Metro Manila saw the rise of SM’s chain of malls, redefining entertainment, shopping and amusement in so many ways.

And with prices of airfare dropping, through various cheap fare promotions, Filipinos can easily fly to Hong Kong or Singapore and enjoy Disneyland or Sentosa, respectively.

Escolta. The street may no longer be the commercial or shopping hub, but surely, it has occupied a place in our country’s rich history.


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