Fresh Air In The Countryside

Fresh air is a rare commodity in our time. Gone are the days when people living in Metro Manila can wake up each day with a burst of fresh air.

Farm and mts.

Breathtaking view and fresh air in Mabitac, Laguna

Today, fresh air is replaced by smog in the metro.

That’s why I was glad to be able to go back to our farm in Mabitac, Laguna during the long weekend to just recharge and be able to see our kids play and have fun.

It’s an opportunity to breathe fresh air freely amidst the greeneries we see all around our farm.

Rdy and Niquee calamnsi

Richard and Niquee picking calamansi fruits

There’s Niquee being carried by Richard as he tries to pluck some calamansi fruits.

And there were Bea and David trying to imitate their lola Corazon in plowing the soil. (As if they already know how to plant hahaha.)

To be honest, nothing beats the experience of being away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, away from the stress and away from the smog that has been a regular fixture of daily life in the city.

But now that we’re back in the city, Richard and I contemplate on making regular trips back to Mabitac, Laguna to enjoy the fresh air and the tranquil place, something that we can have for free anytime when we’re there.

Fresh air and farm – perfect combination.


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