Our Family’s Farming And Sight-Seeing In Laguna

While its fun to drive along Metro Manila during these times due to the long weekend, I believe nothing beats spending some time in the countryside like Laguna.

Last Friday (Nov. 1), Richard and I took our kids and a friend of ours to my mother’s farm in Mabitac, Laguna for a day trip.

Farm and mts.

The beautiful farm view along Mabitac, Laguna

It was a great time to expose our kids to basic farming, picking some calamansi fruits and just enjoying the sunny day in Mabitac as well as breathing fresh air, which is rare in Metro Manila due to the regular presence of smog.

In the mid afternoon, we packed our stuff from the farm and drove to through Siniloan and Pakil towns.

In between stops, we bought several fresh buko juices at just Php 5.00! That’s a rare enjoyment for people like us who live in Metro Manila.

Kids 2 digging

David and Bea enjoy digging the soil

The trip to the various towns in Laguna became virtual field trips for our kids, who enjoyed seeing carabaos, horses and even goats.

It was just a day-trip, but we look forward to returning to the farm soon and spending a few days there as we also try to help my mother develop the farm into a camp site and cozy resort.



  1. I don’t where Mabitac or Laguna is in the Philippines, but but envy you having access to a farm within a day, and it’s your mum’s too!

    1. it sure is a great experience to have a property you can go to anytime, for a get-away from time to time. 🙂

  2. where can i buy fresh young “buko” fruit in laguna? thanks

    1. Hi sir, you can actually find a lot of buko fruit along the road in laguna. If you’re in Siniloan, Laguna, you’ll find some stands there selling buko fruits as well for just Php12.00.

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