Marikina-made Shoes, The Philippines’ Pride

I’ve been to Marikina countless number of times and I can’t help but be amazed at the rich heritage of this city, which is considered as one of the most industrialized cities in Metro Manila.

Growing up, Marikina was noted for its shoe industry. In fact, I’ve read that even former First Lady Imelda Marcos bought dozens of pairs of shoes in Marikina, which was given the title of “Shoe Capital of the Philippines.

My husband and I have been to the now famous River Banks, which is bustling with life as evidenced by joggers, people who love sightseeing, biking and bonding activities.

Sandals 1I really like shoes that come from Marikina. When you take the time to move around Marikina, you’ll be able to see leather shoes and sandals made by ordinary towns folks.

Sandals 2And mind you, they are not done in haste or “bara-bara”, but they sure are of high quality.

During one of my visits in Marikina recently, as I was buying several pairs of leather shoes as samples for my clients, I even heard a customer show me his pair of leather sandals, which he bought months early in 2009. He worked as a seaman.

“Na-Ondoy pa nga ito (sandals),” the seaman shared, referring to the destructive typhoon that swept over a huge part of Metro Manila, bringing massive flooding in Marikina, Cainta and some parts of Antipolo.

Sandals 3We all grew up in Mandaluyong, a good 30 to 45-minute drive away from Marikina, but I will never grow tired of traveling there because of excellent locally-made goods, which every Filipino should well be proud of.

Post Script:

Posted here are photos of some Marikina products Filipinismo have at hand. For inquiries, feel free to drop a message, check the Gallery of Sandals or give me a text or call at 09088878373. God bless!

Bilib sa Pinoy!


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