Filipinismo, Showcasing Filipino Pride

Filipinos are world-class in various ways.


Consider our athletes, like Manny Pacquiao, the world’s only eight-division champion.

Or Lea Salonga, who has long made Filipinos proud for her lead roles in the Miss Saigon musical production.

How about Megan Young? Our newly-crowned 2013 Miss World!

Or the Gilas Pilipinas basketball squad, whose big, fight heart, made the country proud last August by finishing a strong second behind Iran to earn a return trip to the Fiba World Cup next year in Spain. An achievement we last had in 1978 when the country hosted the world basketball championships in Manila.

And that’s what this blog site is all about.

kalesaFor us, Filipinismo is all about showcasing the Filipinos creativity and ingenuity – from bags, to shoes, to clothes, and many more.

We believe Filipinos are uniquely created by God and that God created unique things for the Filipinos as well.

As such, we want to use this blog site as an avenue to let the world know of the Filipinos’ distinctive traits and qualities, resources and the products that represent each region in the country.

Journey with us as we take you to a breathtaking trip, discovering the rich culture and heritage that makes us truly Filipino.

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